Australia Hair

We’re a leading hair extensions and wigs brand, delivering a range of quality products including clip-in extensions, tape-in extensions, micro-loop extensions, fusion extensions, sew-in extensions, ponytail extensions, synthetic wigs, and lace front wigs.

Founded in 2014, our company began in Canada by offering high-quality hair extensions & wigs at affordable prices. The Canadian version of Australia Hair is Canada Hair. The success of our products was instant. Since we work with almost no middlemen, we can pass on the savings to you. We quickly became the leading hair extension and wig store in Canada because we only deliver quality products. All customers also benefit from quick shipping with no duty fees & of a hassle-free return policy. Every day we work to inspire people of all ages and genders to believe in their hairstyle potential, then fuel them to achieve it.

We produce our products in-house, cutting our third-party costs to deliver great prices, and guaranteeing the greatest quality. We’ve invested strongly in state-of-the-art production facilities and advanced testing measures to make sure we deliver on purity promises, and can be sure that everything leaving our hair extensions & wigs manufacturer meets the highest standards. We pride ourselves in providing a broad selection of products at exceptional value to power this, including a range of high-quality hair extensions and wigs.

While specialising in hair extensions products, we’ve also created a range of wigs with the latest trends to support anyone, anywhere, as they strive to reach their hair goal. We’ve got a large and growing community too — that’s why we share the latest and most-important beauty tips across our blog and social media, with hairstyles tips, hair extensions, and everything in-between!

Our Products

Australia Hair will offer quality hair extensions and wigs on its online store. Once the online store is launched, you will be able to buy quality human hair extensions online in the Australia as well as quality wigs.

Hair Extensions

Australia Hair online store will be offering hair extensions such as clip-ins, tape-ins, micro-loops, fusion, ponytail, sew-ins, and many other types of hair extensions.


You can buy wigs online in the Australia by visting AustraliaHair.com once the website is online! You will have the option to buy between synthetic wigs and human hair wigs.

Hair Tools & Care

Australia Hair will offer the latest hair extension tools & hair care products so that you can install all types of hair extensions and wigs safely & efficiently.

Hair Extensions Prices

Below, you will find the approximate prices of Australia Hair extensions and wigs once the website is launched.

Synthetic hair extensions

Starting at $0

Human hair extensions

Starting at $0

remy hair extensions

Starting at $0

Lace Front Women Wigs

Starting at $0

Launch Date

Australia Hair is expected to be online during the year 2025. If you are in Canada, you can buy hair extensions and wigs online from Canada Hair. If you are in the Australia, you will soon be able to buy hair extensions and wigs online on Australia Hair!

Hair Extensions advantages

Hair Extensions Advantages? There are many! Your hair might not always have the same volume or look that you always wanted, and this is a great opportunity to try out hair extensions. These are designed in order to offer you a new insight into how great your look can be and at the same time they offer quite a lot of benefits, which we are going to explore in this article. Here are some hair extensions advantages:

Hair extensions change your look

The hairstyle you have creates an image that helps people recognize you. Drastically changing it can make you unrecognizable and hair extensions can help you do that! These are framing your face, adding more volume to the locks and at the same time you can combine them with some proper make-up.

Hair extensions look natural

Although we cannot speak for other retailers, we can assure you those hair extensions sold on Canada Hair are made out of natural hair and thus it can be quite easy to find some that will match your natural locks in a perfect manner. You can use them to enhance your looks and your beauty without having to add an artificial look, something that offers great benefits at all times!

Quick results

Here is another hair extensions advantage: waiting for your hair to grow can take quite a lot of time, and at the same time you might not have the volume you wanted in the first place! All hair extensions are designed in order to change the length and volume of your locks. This is a great solution especially if you want to attend a special event or just need to improve your looks fast.

Hair extensions are affordable

Despite offering quite a lot of amazing benefits, hair extensions are not expensive at all, in fact they are affordable and you can easily get some if you want without any major effort.

You can use them to fix a bad haircut

From time to time you can get a bad haircut, but with some good hair extensions you can fix the issue and repair your look all so that it would appear like nothing is changed. Hair extensions are a great solution for repairing haircut mistakes that will appear very often.

They make the hair thicker

Having thick healthy locks is a beautiful sight for sure, but unfortunately, not all women have such a thing. Adding in hair extensions can offer you the boost you always wanted, and it can also bring in front a better, stronger look which you do want to have.

They create amazing highlights

With hair extensions, you can add in more volume and thus create highlights that will lead to illusions. These extensions are designed to add in volume to your hair and thus you will have a stunning image and more confidence in your looks. With so many hair extensions advantages, there’s no wonder that wearing hair extensions is a very popular thing to do. If you want to improve your image and take it to the next level, it’s a very good idea to get your own hair extensions right now, you will not regret it!